Your Intellectual Property

No Win No Fee for Intellectual Property Disputes

These days, your intellectual property may be worth more than all the other assets owned by your business.  Your trademarks, patents, copyright and brands are valuable and need to be protected.  Trade secrets also need protecting and if they are used by someone else, you may be able to get compensation.  However, if you do not take action immediately, you may find that you cannot pursue the offender later on.  Intellectual property law is complicated!

Fortunately, no win no fee arrangements are available for disputes over intellectual property.  Don't hesitate - you need to protect your property.   If someone is using your property for their own ends without permission, call us as soon as possible on +44 (0)1707 697186 or email us at


Something like this may have happened to you – You have invented a widget that makes gadgets work at half the cost they used to work at thereby saving everybody lots of money.  You have a patent on that widget but somebody has reversed engineered it and is producing the copy outside the country.  They have sold their copy widget to all your potential customers and made a lot of money from your invention and intellectual property.  They are also using the trademark name of the widget.  This is a potential case for a no win no fee arrangement and John Kennedy will try to find a solicitor to help you on that basis.

Proposed changes to the no win no fee rules may affect your chances of obtaining a no win no fee arrangement in the future so ACT NOW.

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