What do we need from you?


Litigation is hard work.  It's hard work for the solicitors and the barristers and it is just as much hard work for you, the claimant.  So here are the things that we either need you to do or need you to be prepared for:

  • Time- all litigation takes time and you need to be prepared to give as much time to your legal team as is necessary
  • Truth - you must be prepared to tell your legal team the truth
  • Effort - you will be required to find documents, get documents you may not have, give witness statements, dig out evidence - all of which takes effort (as well as time)
  • Money - although your case may be taken on a no win no fee basis, you may have to pay court fees, fees to your experts and travelling expenses.  If you win, you will get these back but you will have to pay them up front. 
    • Your legal team may have reservations about the strength of your case and may not be sure whether to take the case on a no win no fee basis - if so, they may ask you to pay for a risk assessment to ascertain the strengths of your claim.  Remember no win no fee does not mean there are no costs - it means that if you do not win, your solicitors and barristers will not make you pay their fees but it does not mean you will not incur some cost - but that's litigation for you.

There's no such thing as a free lunch and your solicitors are investing their time and their cashflow into your case.  They need you to be committed to success and there are necessary expenses in commercial litigation.  Commercial cases are generally harder to win than personal injury cases and an investment in time and a little money will be required. 

John Kennedy Ltd has panel solicitors who, if they are interested in hearing more about your claim, will talk to you initially for no fee - that is a guarantee.  They will ascertain the risks and chances of success and then they will let you know if there will be any outlay by you for any of the matters above (there will almost certainly be court fees and expert's fees to pay in a commercial claim).  The solicitors will let you know how much these are going to cost you before you commit yourself.

John Kennedy Ltd's fees are 8% plus VAT of all damages paid to you after any legal costs are deducted.  This is chargeable whether the matter settles or goes all the way to Court.

Whatever happens, you will know whether you have a case worth fighting and how much it is going to cost you before you decide to proceed and what could be better than that?  If there is a case worth fighting you will know how much to budget and if you do not have a case worth fighting - well then you go home, put it behind you and get on with your life.

Just one thing though, if there is no interest in your potential claim once the solicitors have seen an initial summary, then we will be unable to place your claim and we cannot give you any feedback on the merits or otherwise of your potential claim.  We are not solicitors and cannot give you legal advice.