Terms and Complaints

John Kennedy Ltd is not a firm of solicitors and we cannot give you legal advice.

Here are our terms and conditions




1.       John Kennedy Limited undertakes to hold and maintain confidentiality of your information, and documents at all times unless authorised to disclose in the course of a referral or introduction or as required by a legal authority.

2.       John Kennedy Limited will not charge you if you do not win or the case is not taken on.  If you do win or the case is settled in your favour, the fees will be 8% plus VAT of all damages paid to you after any legal costs are deducted.  This is chargeable whether the matter settles or goes all the way to Court and will be deducted from your damages or settlement before it is paid to you.

3.       The relationship between you and John Kennedy Limited is that as between introducer and introducee.

4.       John Kennedy Limited does not provide legal advice. Any advice given as part of the relationship between you and John Kennedy Limited is purely with regard to introducing you to a potential legal advisor.

5.       John Kennedy Limited does not accept any responsibility for the advice given by any legal advisor whether as a result of an introduction by John Kennedy Limited or otherwise.

6.       John Kennedy Limited will endeavour to introduce you to an appropriate legal adviser but does not guarantee that it will be successful in making an introduction of this kind or any at all.

7.       If John Kennedy Limited is unable to introduce you to a legal adviser, then the relationship between you and John Kennedy Limited shall terminate


For avoidance of doubt and by way of an explanation and an example of our fees, if you are awarded £100,000 damages in Court or by negotiation, once any legal fees and After The Event Insurance Premium have been deducted, you will have to pay us 8% plus VAT of the amount left ie £100,000 damages less £20,000 legal fees and insurance premium (this is not how much your legal fees and insurance premium will necessarily be, it is an example only) which leaves £80,000.  8% of £80,000 amounts to £6,400 plus £1,280.  In this scenario our fees would be £7,680 which would be deducted from the £80,000 leaving you with £72,320.  Remember this is only an example.