No Win No Fee for Boardroom Disputes

Shareholder and Partnership Disputes

Boardroom disputes can leave you with a big headache and could mean that the business cannot move forward and may even start to lose money due to dispute amongst the leaders.  Eventually, these problems may become bad enough that you have to pursue your rights through the Courts.  

By way of an example:

There has been a boardroom coup.  Whilst you were out of the country building business abroad, the other shareholders held a meeting and awarded themselves extra shares.  You did not find out for 3 years that you no longer hold the percentage shareholding that you thought you owned.  Now you are out of pocket for £150,000.  John Kennedy may be able to help you remedy the situation without you having to pay up-front

No win no fee arrangements are available for all kinds of business and boardroom disputes whether your Company is a PLC, Limited Company, Limited Liability Partnership, ordinary Partnership or just a pooling of resources over the years.

Whether the claim is for relatively small amounts of money or even up into the billions of pounds, no win no fee arrangements (full or discounted) and possibly funding for your claim may be available.  If there is just you or even a group of shareholders or partners, there are many options to help you bring your claim to a successful outcome.

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How do No Win No Fee arrangements work for businesses?