Business Recovery

No Win No Fee for Helping your Business to Recover

Is your business in trouble?  Are you waiting for someone to pay up which is causing your business to have cash-flow problems?  Is there a risk of insolvency?

If this is happening to your business and you have a potential claim that could save it but do not have the money to take it to Court, then our service could be the perfect answer.  We may be able to find you a solicitor to take your claim on a no win no fee basis or even get some funding to pay for the case to go to Court.  It does not matter if your claim is for £25,000 or £250,000,000 - no win no fee arrangements are still available and there are many options from discounted fees to 3rd party litigation funding (or a combination).

For instance, you may have a very lucrative contract with a large corporate entity.  You have had to invest money to ensure you have the best up-to-date equipment to service that contract.  The relationship has “soured” and they have declared that you have not complied with the KPI’s and they no longer want to use your services.  You have other contracts in the pipeline but you are in serious danger of trading whilst insolvent and are just keeping your “head above water”.  If you could only get the money owed to you for the 3 months of the contract you have performed for the large corporate entity, it will give you some breathing space.  Unfortunately, you cannot spare the cash to start litigation as that is very likely to push your business into insolvency.  With John Kennedy’s help, you may be able to get a full no win no fee arrangement which will help you to keep your business going whilst claiming the money owed to you

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