About John Kennedy

Tina MorganTina Morgan and her team have accumulated over 30 years experience in the legal profession. 

John Kennedy Limited was formed in 2009 with the aim of providing legal solutions for business and individuals alike.  For the first time a portal has been provided for people with a legal claim to have access to a number of law firms who provide litigation services on a no win no fee basis. 

Michael Kain

Michael Kain is the chairman of Kain Knight, the largest firm of costs lawyers in the UK, which he founded in 1976.

 In English litigation the losing party is usually ordered to pay the winner’s costs.  The amount of those costs is then assessed by the court in a process which can sometimes be as contentious as the trial itself.  The lawyers conducting the main litigation tend to outsource the costs assessment process to specialist costs lawyers such as Kain Knight.

Having spent his whole career in the legal costs industry, nobody knows the charging structures of English law firms better than Michael.  Law firms do not always openly advertise the fact that they are willing to enter “no win, no fee” arrangements – they generally prefer clients who pay an hourly rate (win or lose).  Michael is able to use his unrivalled knowledge of the litigation market for the benefit of John Kennedy’s clients.

Nobody is in a better position to identify the right lawyer for the case, and the one who may be prepared to act under a “no win, no fee” arrangement.

John Kennedy has developed and nurtured connections with a network of national law firms who have expertise in all areas of commercial litigation.  These internationally recognised firms are well-known for providing excellent services in all areas of corporate and commercial law but are also world-renowned in their specialist fields such as  construction and building, intellectual property (trademarks, patents, copyright, passing-off), planning and real estate, partnership and shareholder disputes (boardroom disputes), pensions and insurance  and insolvency and bankruptcy.  John Kennedy's panel of law firms are also experts in handling group litigation or seriously complicated matters worth billions of pounds.

Unfortunately, John Kennedy Limited is usually unable to assist with any claims for under £100,000. 

Although no win no fee claims are only available in the jurisdiction of England and Wales, John Kennedy's law firms have many connections overseas and are able, therefore, to introduce businesses and individuals to solicitors in other countries if necessary.  Furthermore, John Kennedy Limited is able to pass on claims for property issues abroad where people have bought overseas property - perhaps as an investment - and things have gone horribly wrong!

Businesses and individuals can easily contact us by email - John Kennedy Limited to see whether their claim is suitable for a no win no fee arrangement or any other option for funding legal cases such as discounted fees or funding by a 3rd party

Cases where people find themselves defending a claim are often not suitable for a no win no fee arrangement but it is worth contacting John Kennedy Limited to see if this is an exception.  Furthermore, John Kennedy can point you in the right direction for an appropriate solicitor on a paying basis if the case is not suitable for a no win no fee arrangement.

Finally, if a little help is needed to ascertain the whereabouts of the intended Defendant, there are Company's who will supply a tracing service.

The John Kennedy team has vast experience of working in: 

  • corporate in-house legal departments
  • multi-national company legal departments
  • the courts of England and Wales
  • public authorities
  • legal costing services

John Kennedy Ltd is a company registered in England and Wales.  The registration number is 07023569 and the registered office is situated at 2 Priors, London Road, Bishop's Stortford, Hertfordshire, CM23 5ED

Here are the terms and conditions of John Kennedy Limited

John Kennedy Ltd is not a firm of solicitors and we cannot give you legal advice.



1.       John Kennedy Limited undertakes to hold and maintain confidentiality of your information, and documents at all times unless authorised to disclose in the course of a referral or introduction or as required by a legal authority.

2.       John Kennedy Limited will not charge you if you do not win or the case is not taken on.  If you do win or the case is settled in your favour, the fees will be 8% plus VAT of all damages paid to you after any legal costs are deducted.  This is chargeable whether the matter settles or goes all the way to Court and will be deducted from your damages or settlement before it is paid to you.

3.       The relationship between you and John Kennedy Limited is that as between introducer and introducee.

4.       John Kennedy Limited does not provide legal advice. Any advice given as part of the relationship between you and John Kennedy Limited is purely with regard to introducing you to a potential legal advisor.

5.       John Kennedy Limited does not accept any responsibility for the advice given by any legal advisor whether as a result of an introduction by John Kennedy Limited or otherwise.

6.       John Kennedy Limited will endeavour to introduce you to an appropriate legal adviser but does not guarantee that it will be successful in making an introduction of this kind or any at all.

7.       If John Kennedy Limited is unable to introduce you to a legal adviser, then the relationship between you and John Kennedy Limited shall terminate