No Win No Fee Litigation

Facing a legal dispute but can’t afford to risk huge legal costs and don't want to incur up-front fees?

Were you aware that No Win No Fee arrangements are available for Commercial Litigation?

Litigation is expensive and time-consuming.  Sometimes, however, you have no choice and you are faced with having to take legal action in order to achieve a fair outcome.  How would you like to do this without paying lawyers an up-front fee or huge monthly amounts?  With the help of John Kennedy this is possible. 

John Kennedy Limited is a Commercial Litigation Concierge Service with access to top City of London law firms who will consider taking your case on a commercial no win no fee basis.

 We talk to the right solicitors for your particular case so that you get the best advice and the best representation at all times.  There are NO up-front fees to look at your claim.

To find out how we can help you or to just make an enquiry, simply email us here at and we will contact you.

Please note that John Kennedy Limited is not a law firm and we are not solicitors.  We cannot, therefore, give legal advice.  Our role is to try and place your claim with one of our panel law firms on a No Win No Fee basis.  Please see the bottom of the page for a list of kinds of matters that we cannot help you with.

Help for your Litigation?

Do you have a legal problem that you need to resolve and are looking to do so without incurring huge up-front payments?

Would you like to undertake litigation without being burdened by enormous legal fees?

Do you have a business dispute or a personal claim against a business or professional that you would like to resolve with little risk to yourself?

John Kennedy’s particular speciality is the funding of litigation. It is often possible to transfer most, or all, of the risk of litigation onto the lawyers or other parties. This helps businesses and individuals who have legal disputes as they do not have to pay up-front costs because your solicitor, lawyer or attorney (and even the barristers) will fund the litigation itself by offering a no win no fee arrangement. In other words – if you do not win your case then you do not pay your own solicitor’s fees and, furthermore, you do not have to pay your opponent’s fees either!

If you engage in an internet search for no win no fee litigation you will come across many offerings. How do you decide which one is the right one for your dispute? We are different from most other websites because we specialise in Commercial Litigation. The solicitors on our panel are from the UK top 200 law firms. We will not introduce you to a solicitor who does not have the skills, resources and the gravitas to handle your litigation correctly and speedily.

All of the solicitors on our panel are extremely experienced. They have proved their abilities in litigation time and time again whether by taking the case all the way to trial or by the successful negotiation of a favourable settlement. If you use our service, you will be introduced to lawyers who really know their stuff and to law firms that have an outstanding reputation both in England and around the world.

Click through to Types of Disputes to see what we mean by Commercial Litigation. These are examples of the types of cases we are able to help you with. However, if your type of dispute is not listed that does not necessarily mean that we cannot find a solicitor to help you. There are so many different types of commercial claims that we cannot list them all.

Some of these disputes will be over breach of contract, theft of intellectual property or trade secrets, disputes over real property or planning.

You could also have a dispute with a professional such as a solicitor or lawyer, surveyor, architect or accountant who has given negligent advice or mishandled investments. You may be a charity who needs to take legal action over a bequest.

We have solicitors who can help you if you need to take someone to court over an agricultural, horticultural, equine or other livestock issue (even if it against an agency of the UK or the EU governments).

Perhaps you have disputes regarding an insolvency or bankruptcy situation. It's simple - just email us on

If you or your business has a claim and you need to commence litigation without financial risk to either yourself or your business, then John Kennedy has the solution for you. You can proceed to take legal action without having to pay the solicitor’s charges up-front.

One of the areas of great concern to individuals and businesses alike is that, even if they win their case, they are going to face a high fee. In fact, the fear that just by crossing the doormat to the solicitor’s office will be prohibitively expensive, can deter many people from even taking legal advice. Nobody likes to be in a position of not knowing how much something is going to costs them.

These concerns are dramatically reduced by the use of Conditional Fee Agreements (the proper name for no win no fee arrangements). These agreements mean that you and the lawyers are all “in it together”. The lawyers only get paid if you win and they only get paid at the end of the case. If you do not win, then they do not get paid. This means they tend to use their best teams and progress the case as speedily as possible.

If there are any costs to be incurred up-front (for instance, an expert’s report) they will let you know before you sign up so that you can make a fully-informed decision before proceeding.

Litigation is never guaranteed. Sometimes things go wrong. Usually the loser has to pay the winner’s costs. However, when you use a Conditional Fee Agreement for your litigation, your lawyer will be able to get you insurance to cover the winner’s fees if you should lose. This means that you will not be liable for either your own solicitor’s fees or your opponent’s legal fees if you lose the case. These arrangements really are litigation without financial risk.

John Kennedy is dedicated to providing help to both companies and individuals who are or will be involved in litigation. We have developed a relationship with selected top litigation solicitors who will work on a no win no fee basis.

John Kennedy also provides their services on a no win no fee basis and we do not charge an up-front fee. We do not get paid unless you get paid and our fees are 8% plus VAT of all damages paid to you after any legal costs are deducted. This is chargeable whether the case settles or goes all the way to court.

Here is a list of those problems that we CANNOT help you with

  • Claims which are below £100,000 in value
  • Employment matters
  • Personal injury matters
  • Housing problems
  • Immigration problems
  • Claims in Scotland
  • We cannot give you general legal advice